Mark Delaware:  College T.A. who discovers that his mentor is hiding a secret. Mark doesn’t fail to explore or leap into decisions. Sometimes his impulsivity leads into dangerous situations. This is the player’s character.

Voice Actor: Joshua Story

Professor Michelson Mugshot.png

Professor Stephen Michelson:  A charismatic academic who teaches about ancient civilizations. He is Mark’s mentor.

Voice Actor: Adam Clark


The Society of the Arts:

Group of eccentric vampires whose purpose in their extended life is to be the patrons of the Arts. They believe that humanity has potential to grow and they hold human life sacred.

 Enforcer hint

The Enforcer:

The whispered one among vampires. This vampire is the killer of other vampires who break the Silent Code. Any vampire who openly reveals their existence to humans who are not “donors” risks death by the Enforcer’s hand.


The House of Skulls:

A small alliance of new vampires who reject the Silent Code or any type of “vampire authority”. Made of misfits and outcasts, the House of Skulls rebel against hiding who they are. They are the most disliked Vampire Family in Colorado, USA.

Culture of love

Culture of Love:

Small group of hippie vampires. They fear the Enforcer.

Mark's Friends


Most humans do not know about the existence of vampires, some humans do. Those who know either hate, tolerate or love them. How will Mark Delaware’s friends act if they learn about this hidden world? Can Mark protect them?